About Us


At Epowercom we pride ourselves on having a deep understanding and close connection with our clients. We live and breathe their products, but also make it our responsibility to not only know their products, but also their product market, competition, their marketing teams and their business. If our team at Epowercom don’t know the clients better then they know themselves, we’re doing it wrong. We place a strong emphasis on our employees knowing every little detail; nothing is too small to be overlooked.

Without a thorough understanding of the clients’ products, brand positioning and market segment, we cannot produce integrated marketing communication strategies that will target the right people in the right place at the right time, with the excitement and flare of experiential advertising.

Our Team

Our team consists of marketing and communication professionals with solid western and regional experience, devoted, committed and honest.

Sami Osman

Managing Partner

Sami has 25 years experience in marketing and advertising from Canada and in the Middle East. He completed his academic studies from AUB, Lebanon and from McGill university in Canada. Whatever your marketing needs are, Sami can guide you in the search for the best brand strategy solutions.

Hove Harbetian

Managing Partner

With 25 years experience in high end TVC productions, event management and product launches, Hove has worked in international production hubs; from London to Paris, the Middle East and in between Australia and Latin America. Has 15 years of involvement in web development and social media solutions. (HarvardX ; Computer Science. MITX ; Web and Mobile Technology (2014-2015)

Siham Tawil

Creative Director

” Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. “

Resourceful creative director with firm  credentials, matched by a wide range of work experience in advertising and  interactive campaigns. A rare crossover between traditional and interactive Medias. Established strong conceptual and design solutions for clients by addressing their business objectives.

Larse Stewart

Group Account Director

Group account director with more than 10 years of experience gained in multinational agencies in Europe and Mena region.
His experience covers both digital and conventional advertising of international brands. Joining Epowercom is of great value, definitely with his solid experience will be able to build both his team and synergy with our clients.

Relationship and Trust

Each and every client is important to us and valued equally. We encourage transparent relationships. Relationships built on mutual respect and understanding between Epowercom and our clients. This may include: providing our clients with the opportunity to express criticism and concerns, which only help to enable us, to deliver above and beyond their expectations. “We deliver more than what we promise”


We ensure this through a consistent level of quality and efficiency in our work. However we will not endanger the integrity of the company, its employees and other clients. We maintain high moral standards that won’t be compromised. We will defend our position and beliefs, while still taking on board our clients ideas. This system makes the client feel empowered and not undermined, they are included in the process and their opinions get heard, providing them with a sense of safety and security. Similarly we encourage our teams to meet, properly with the marketing teams of our clients, since the two will be working with each other they should all know first-hand who they are talking to and dealing with. We want them to feel like a big family rather than business partners and associates. We celebrate the success of our clients, hold meet and greet events for new business, just to show our appreciations.


Because of the transparent nature of our relationships with our clients we are honest and realistic about our deadlines. We provide our clients with detailed timelines of our campaign schedules. Our clients are always present in WIP meetings so they know exactly what is happening and if the work is being done and if there is a change to a deadline or something unforeseen changes the timings in the plan, Epowercom are upfront with the client. “We never ever Sacrifices quality for speed”


Who We Are ?

“We deliver more than what we promise”


Relationship and Trust

“We ensure a consistent level of quality

and efficiency in our work”



“We never ever Sacrifice quality for speed”

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